YCPR is the brainchild of Avanti Nagral a student of The Cathedral and John Connon School.

YCPR is a Public Health initiative in Mumbai, India that is supported by Healthspring Community Medical Centers and Hinduja Hospital.


Thousands of precious lives are lost every year due to cardiac arrests or accidents that occur at home, workplaces, schools and on roads unexpectedly. It is found that in such emergencies almost always no proper medical help is available on time. Such situations can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Many of these valuable lives could have been saved by timely Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Therefore, it is vital that as many people as possible are trained in CPR.


When an emergency strikes, all of a sudden, immediate medical help is not available on the spot. The training with YCPR India allows trained persons to help save lives promptly and effectively in such emergencies instead of being mere helpless onlookers.

It has also been found that in 90% of cases, CPR is performed on a family member or close friend – the training is thus useful for everyone especially those with history of heart disease in the family.

CPR training is also essential for parents of small children and teachers as children may collapse due to choking, falls, accidents at play and sunstroke.

With work related deaths on the rise, the need of this training in workplaces is very essential, as it will increase workplace safety, security and consequently productivity.

Sudden Cardiac Arrests kill more than 5,000 people EVERYDAY in INDIA alone! And if the right set of people are trained on techniques like CPR , 40% of these lives can be saved.

CPR & First Aid Training should be made mandatory.

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The 5 to 500 M​odel

  • Start with a 5-school model.
  • Each school will have 20 students as its core bystander CPR team.
  • Training requirement – half a day per school along with sustained practice.
  • This core team will be certified in bystander CPR training and educated in the science behind it, under the guidance of medical supervision.
  • Each core team member will in turn train 5 other students for a total of 100 students per school.
  • As this continues, a total of 500 students will be trained through the ripple effect in Phase 1.
  • The eventual goal is to create an army of 10,000 bystander CPR trained youth who will be at the service of our community.