By Avanti Nagral

I was born with a hole in my heart which closed up at the age of 5. But some people aren’t as lucky. There are people who die of heart failure and cardiac disease every single day. In India alone, the numbers of preventable deaths due to these issues are almost unfathomable. I have started consciously noticing the ambulances on the road – stuck in traffic, beeping away at the hordes of traffic in front of them. With a city like Mumbai bursting at its seams, it is nearly impossible for an ambulance to always reach its destination on time. India’s infrastructure isn’t equipped to deal with this growing problem. What can I as a young citizen of this country and this world do, before it is too late? CPR is like swimming – it is a life skill. If you learn its proper technique once, you have learned it for life. The beauty of CPR is that you only need your own two hands and the willingness to take a chance, in order to make a difference; to help save a life. Rather than being a passive bystander, you have the ability to take charge of a situation. I believe in the power of the youth. By the year 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world. Imagine the force of a youth network that is empowered to help save lives by one simple technique. People will be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that there is someone in their home, their neighbourhood or their community who has the capability to rescue them from impending doom.

Time taken to learn CPR: Half a day.

Effort exerted to learn CPR: Minimal.

Reward: Priceless.

How can we save lives? Through CPR.

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